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Magnetic pump

  • CQB Magnetic drive pump
  • CQB Magnetic drive pump
  • CQB Magnetic drive pump
  • CQB Magnetic drive pump
CQB Magnetic drive pumpCQB Magnetic drive pumpCQB Magnetic drive pumpCQB Magnetic drive pump

CQB Magnetic drive pump

  • Capactiry:3.6~100m³/h
  • Head:10~150m
  • Design pressure:2.5Mpa
  • Design temperature:≤100℃
  • Product description: Applicable medium: alkali solution, organic solvent, pharmaceutical intermediate, etc.. Features: long life, maintenance free. Can be customized for different operating conditions, special configurati

CQB    Magnetic drive centrifugal pump

CQB magnetic drive centrifugal pump (referred to as magnetic pump), usually by the motor, magnetic coupling and corrosion resistant centrifugal pump. Its main feature is the use of magnetic coupling transmission power, no leakage, when the magnet rotates the motor drive magnetic coupling, magnetic flux through the gap and isolation units, acting on the magnet, the pump rotor and the motor synchronous rotation, no mechanical contact to transfer torque. In the power input shaft of the pump, the liquid is enclosed in a static isolation sleeve, so that there is no dynamic seal and no leakage.
CQB series magnetic pump is a new type of completely non leakage corrosion resistant pump developed by the national joint design group of magnetic pump. Its technical and economic indexes are similar to those of other similar products in the late 80s.
CQB series magnetic pump type and basic parameters in line with JB / T 7742 - 1995《small magnetic drive centrifugal pump type and basic parameters》 standard and 《small magnetic drive centrifugal pump of the supplementary provisions of the three standards》.

CQB    Magnetic drive centrifugal pump

CQB series magnetic pump is suitable for the industries of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, electroplating, environmental protection, food, water treatment, film and printing photos, national defense, transportation is inflammable and explosive, volatile, toxic, rare and precious liquid and all kinds of corrosive liquid ideal equipment. Suitable for conveying the suction pressure is less than 0.2MPa, the maximum working pressure of 2.5MPa, temperature are less than 100, the density of less than 1600kg/m3, the viscosity is not greater than 30 x 10-6 m2/s not containing hard particles and fiber liquid.

CQB    Significance of magnetic drive centrifugal pump

CQB    Performance parameters of magnetic drive centrifugal pump

CQB    Magnetic drive centrifugal pump product advantages


The pump impeller of the company by CZ standard chemical process pump castings (most market by IH magnetic pump pump impeller casting), the design pressure is 2.5Mpa, each of the pump body through the bearing test, even tiny leakage will be melted recast. Pump body after three passivation treatment, to ensure that the pump body color. Using the latest hydraulic design software to design hydraulic model, with excellent performance, which is to ensure long-term safe and reliable operation of the first major.

2.Magnetic pump magnetic circuit transmission principle

(a).The magnetic circuit of Halbach, which is developed by Shanghai Dian Ji University, which is dense, magnetic and push-pull, is magnetized in different directions according to certain law, and the maximum torque is transmitted by the magnetic force.

(b).Each pole magnet is composed of N (N is odd) rectangular magnetic stripe, its width is about fan (magnetic tile type) 1/5 or 1/3, the use of magnetic or magnetic field strength was increased by about 30%, the magnetic gap when the magnetic amount is reduced by about 30%, greatly reduce the eddy heat pump, improve the efficiency of 2~3%.

(c).Magnetic gap 7 ~ 9mm, cooling and lubricating the flow area is large, and can take away the vortex heat, reduce the temperature of the medium, to prevent the media cavitation.

NdFeB permanent magnet is used in the internal and external magnetic rotor of normal temperature stainless steel magnetic pump:


The maximum magnetic energy product (BHmax) value is 5~12 times of ferrite magnet

Can absorb up to 640 times its own weight

Good mechanical properties, easy cutting

Low price


High magnetic loss under high temperature

Easy corrosion

Efficiency improvement 2~3%.

3.Stainless steel magnetic drive pump isolation sleeve is generally made of three parts: flange, thin wall tube and bottom plate through laser welding, each of the isolation sleeve must undergo pressure test, pressure test value is 2.5Mpa.

> Corrosion resistance from strong to weak order

High strength non-metallic materials

Hastelloy C alloy

Titanium alloy

316L stainless steel

304 stainless steel

> The electrical resistivity varies from large to small

High strength non-metallic materials

Titanium alloy
Hastelloy C alloy
316L stainless steel
304 stainless steel

4.For the stainless steel magnetic drive pump on the grinding parts, there are a variety of materials to meet the requirements of different operating conditions, customers can consult in detail.

Sliding bearing material for pump

> Antimony graphite and graphite

>  Silicon carbide

>  Pressureless Sintering SiC

>  Cemented carbide

>  Imported FAG grease free ceramic bearings produced in Germany

5.For the stainless steel magnetic drive pump shaft material, general shaft material according to material flow components to match, the common shaft material: 304, 316L, titanium alloy, Hastelloy C alloy, of course there are many other materials configuration to adapt to different working conditions, with customers to our company to consult.

CQB    Magnetic drive centrifugal pump structure characteristics

1、Two static sealing point, even if the internal magnetic rotor parts damaged, it will not leak. For toxic, flammable, explosive and other dangerous places, but also the use of dual isolation structure and the installation of leakage alarm device, the customer can be detailed to my company.

2、The axial force balance method of unique variety, bearing axial friction of the natural wear rate is extremely low; the sliding bearing is arranged on a bearing seat, convenient and fast; two kinds of connection forms - direct coupling, shaft coupling, more flexible application.

CQB    Magnetic drive centrifugal pump installation and use

1、Magnetic drive pump should be installed horizontally, should not be erected, plastic pump body shall not bear the weight of the pipeline, for the special requirements of the vertical installation of the occasion, the motor must be upward.

2、When the CQB magnetic pump suction surface above the pump axis, magnetic drive pump before starting the valve can open the suction pipe, if the aspiration level below the pump axis, the pipeline to be equipped with bottom valve.

3、Magnetic drive pump should be checked before use, the motor fan blade rotation should be flexible, no abnormal sound without clamping, the fasteners to be fastened.

4、Check whether the motor rotation direction is consistent with the magnetic pump steering mark.

5、Magnetic drive pump motor start, slowly open the discharge valve, the pump into the normal working state, and then transferred to the required valve opening.

6、Magnetic drive pump stop working, should first close the discharge valve, then close the suction pipe valve.

CQB    Magnetic drive centrifugal pump use note

1、Due to the magnetic pump bearing cooling and lubrication is to be transmitted by the media, it is absolutely prohibited to move the air, while avoiding the power outage caused by the start of the work after the start of time and space.

2、The medium is transported, if containing solid particles, magnetic drive pump inlet to filter: such as containing ferromagnetic particles, need to add magnetic filter.
3、Magnetic drive pump in the use of environmental temperature should be less than 40 degrees, the temperature rise of the motor shall not exceed 75 degrees C.
4、The magnetic drive pump is transported medium and its temperature should be within the allowable range of pump material (see table). The use of temperature <60 engineering plastic pump, using temperature <100 metal pump, conveying suction pressure is less than 0.2MPa, the maximum working pressure of 2.5MPa, density of not more than 1600kg/m3, the size is not greater than 30 x 10-6m2/s not containing hard particles and fiber liquid.
5、Magnetic drive pump for conveying liquid is easy to precipitate the crystallization of the medium, after use should be cleaned in a timely manner, drain the pump fluid.
6、The magnetic drive pump operation after 100 hours, should check the bearing and the end of the wear ring, and replace the fragile parts should not be reused.
7、CQB magnetic pump magnetic coupling inside and outside the use of high-performance permanent magnet materials, may have a potential hazard to the following devices, please keep the following devices and the pump distance. Such as: bank cards and other magnetic cards, calculators, computer disks, watches, etc..



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