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Horizontal pump and vertical pump difference

Horizontal pump and vertical pump difference:

Appearance: vertical pump is built and the horizontal pump is lying on the side.

Connection type: vertical pump from the bottom up on the superimposed connection, vertical pump arranged in the base, vertical pump known as pipeline pump, such as vertical pipe centrifugal pump, motor and pump body is connected through the sub-port; horizontal pump is used Coupling connection with the motor, you need to adjust the pump shaft and motor shaft coaxial, and regular correction.

Floor space: vertical pump covers an area of small and horizontal pump occupied area. Vertical pump covers an area smaller than the horizontal pump, do not have to fight the foundation; horizontal pump with a base, to fight the foundation.

Maintenance difficulty: vertical pump repair difficult, such as the maintenance of the impeller when the upper part of the upper part of the need to remove; and horizontal pump is relatively easy, such as IS, CZ, ZA pump a  long as the inlet tube can be carried out impeller maintenance.
Installation type: vertical pump for the overall connection, easy to install; and horizontal pump after installation to be adjusted precision.

Since the pump has so much difference, then when the horizontal pump with more appropriate, when the vertical pump with more appropriate?

From the choice of words, most people would like to use a horizontal centrifugal pump, mainly because the horizontal pump is simple, easy to repair and maintenance. While the vertical centrifugal pump repair trouble, each need to lift up when the maintenance. And long shaft pump for a long time need to replace the liquid under the sliding bearing, if not replaced, then the consequences may be caused by the shaft centrifugal force is getting bigger and bigger, resulting in larger axis jitter value, if not replaced in time, will cause mechanical accidents. And the installation to ensure that the absolute level of installation.

But the vertical centrifugal pump also has its advantages:

First, the vertical centrifugal pump can not be used for the installation of the underground tank can not be poured. Or the site is not open space for horizontal centrifugal pump to do the foundation, can only use vertical centrifugal pump on the tank.

Second, if the ordinary horizontal pump (not self-priming pump) self-priming ability is poor, simply can not extract the media from the tank below. So the horizontal and vertical pumps are not comparable.

There are the following situations that require the use of vertical:

1. Where the water level changes greatly, the pump should be installed at low water level. In this case, it is possible to reduce the station area and reduce the earthwork. Reduce infrastructure investment. Large single-suction centrifugal pumps and axial pumps are mostly vertical.

2. Deepen the groundwater. Oil or brine and other liquids, the need for vertical deep well pump. Large single suction pump is vertical Another reason is the use of simple structure of the water lubricated bearings, when the water lubricated bearing load is small, wear light to increase bearing life.
3. Some high-pressure small flow pump, due to the number of stages, pump shaft slender, prone to operation is not smooth, change this situation is one of the measures to use vertical pump, and the pump bearing a certain tension.

4. The use of bit can increase the impeller inlet at the entrance of the nipple, the pump in the use of the first impeller inlet placed in the lowest position, such as vertical condensate pump.

5. The area of the pump is limited, such as a marine pump. Ship vertical and more, this look at the size of the position, easy maintenance.

6. For the relatively high cavitation requirements of the occasion, a lot of horizontal pump can not meet the liquid vertical pump, the high requirements of the cavitation to meet the demand.



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