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Introduction and Application of Pipeline Pump for Navigation Pump

Sailing pump pipeline pump according to the different materials can be divided into fluorine pipe pump and metal pipe pump. Here we focus on the pipeline pump material, structure, use.

Metal pipe pump according to the material can be divided into stainless steel, cast iron two; according to different media selection of the most suitable material of the pipeline pump, is the selection of each staff must master. Domestic use in the field of corrosion-resistant metals are: 304,316,316 L three kinds of stainless steel, not commonly used are: Hastelloy, 201, ductile iron, carbon steel and other metals.

Lining pipe pump is generally used for the lining of the plastic lining process, over-current components are used high-temperature annealing process, widely used in chlor-alkali, chlorobenzene, into foil, pickling, pesticides, paper, steel and other industries. Can transport strong corrosive acid, alkali, salt, organic solvents and other media. Features: vertical structure; good oxidation resistance; with the IHF series, FSB series parts with interchangeability; pump flow channel full of high efficiency; can be a long time in the -20 ℃ -150 ℃ temperature conditions stable operation (high temperature Materials need to consult our company).



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