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The characteristics of the za-type petrochemical process pump

       Type ZA petrochemical process pump is single stage single suction cantilever volute pump, the product standard API610, VDMA24297 (light/medium), pump body and foot support, single suction impeller, and axial suction, radial discharge. The axial force adopts the front and back ring and balance hole to make the hydraulic balance. The shaft seal adopts mechanical seal which can be either single-end or double-face balanced set, or the packing seal can be used. Mechanical seal and equipped with cooling, flushing or sealing fluid system, the sealing piping system is designed by the API specification. Suction and discharge flanges are designed by GB, DIN and ANSI.

       The characteristics of the za-type petrochemical process pump:

       Type ZA petrochemical process pump is single stage single suction cantilever structure after open the door, so when maintenance pump does not need to remove the suction and discharge line, disassemble the pump cover after the suspension, together with the rotor parts can be drawn from the pump body, so the repair work is very convenient. The rear cover of the impeller has a seal ring, which basically balances the axial force, and the residual imbalance is borne by the thrust bearing. Bearing for lubrication of ball bearing, oil ring oil extraction and can automatically control the oil level, when working temperature is below 250 ℃, suspension without cooling, working temperature higher than 250 ℃ ~ 450 ℃, suspension with air cooling or water cooling. Depending on the situation, the pump is a double volute and the rest is a single volute. The shaft seal can be sealed by packing, also can be sealed with single end or double ends, and has a system for cooling, flushing or sealing fluid. The motor is driven directly by the motor and connected to the motor by the coupling.



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