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Jiangsu Sailing Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in mechanical and electrical equipment, pump and pump parts R & D, manufacturing, sales and service in one enterprise. The company's total of two production bases, one of Jiangyin is located in the north shore of Yangtze River Bridge National Economic Development Zone of Jingjiang Xinqiao Industrial Park, covers an area of 160 thousand square meters, construction area of 110 thousand square meters. Existing staff of 125 people, including research team of 25 people. Yongjia is located in the famous town of Oubei Wenzhou is known as the "little Pudong", and the national hundred villages and towns all over the country another manufacturing base, covers an area of 120 thousand square meters, construction area of 80 thousand square meters. Existing staff of 85 people, including research team of 15 people.

The main products are: the main pump: BB1~BB5, VS1~VS6 series of chemical process pumps implementation of the latest version of API610 standard; other standards include: pump jywq, non clogging submersible sewage pump, sewage pump, automatic cutting stir / cutting type liquid pump, pipeline pump, centrifugal pump, multistage pump fire pump, plastic pumps, chemical pumps, water supply equipment control cabinet series.

The company products have been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, papermaking, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, energy, floor, municipal engineering, road construction, sewage and waste water treatment, environmental protection and other fields to drainage. The company can also be developed according to the needs of users with special requirements of the product, at the same time for the majority of users free of charge to provide technical advice, and to solve related problems.



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